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Lecture 4

Lecture 4- Poverty.pdf

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Sociology (Arts)
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Uli Locher

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Wrapping Up Last WeekLorenz curvebasis for cumulative share of ppl from lowest to highest incomescumulative share of income earned makes a line of equality curve of distribution a low figure means high equalityPoverty in NonEconomic Termsthe poor dont live as long as the wealthlife expectancylongevitymorbidity of the first 5 years of life neonatal mortalityother healthrelated issues malnutrition height weighthow tall you are for your age acute malnutrition can be recuperated TB diarrheal diseases AIDS ebola malaria cholera higher incidence in poor countries and within the poor are the most affected sex workers have higher incidence of these diseasessurvival chances when illdiseasedstructural factors lack of potable waterlack of health facilitiesall this makes infection more likely and more severe the diseases often result from poverty and make poverty worse among vulnerable populations vulnerable being the key word political options to fight disease of povertyselective biomedical interventions vaccinationshard once successful with initial campaign to find funds to maintain it after the first successful surge no permanent donorwhat makes campaigns so successful actually leaves the populati
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