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Lecture 5

Lecture 5- Diseases of Poverty.pdf

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

Mortality and Wealthno doubt that this correlation exists and strongly toocorrelation is not causationCholera Dr John Snowmade fantastic contribution and saved tons of lifethe father of epidemiologyfirst study to employ correct methods 1854 cholera outbreak in Londonknown as a disease but no one knew the vector where it came fromppl thought it was somehow transported through the airnot contagious at the beginning but after a while becomes highly contagioushard to discern in areas with poor medical access and treatment case fatalityof those who are infected how many will dieastonishingly high sometimes like in Haiti a few years ago observed that cholera was spreading extremely rapidly had a hunch it was through watercholera bacteria if the conditions are right double in numbers every 30 minutes packed city to crazy density meant conditions were ripeindependent case outside London gave him the definitive proof that it was being spread by water Zimbabweclean drinking water redefined as a human right in the new millennial goalscentralize water quality control piping systemeasier to maintain and repairget it to everyone equally BUT political interferencethe centralized resource is not controlled by one central power rather than being controlled by a whole number of neighbourhoods and their powersthe central power made sure that those areas that voted against Mugabi would not get clean water antipoor measure of increasing accessibilityinstitutionalized corruption hospital workers on strike clear example of road to hell paved with good intentions water supply Hypotheses to be TestedH1 locational disadvantage exacerb
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