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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

Imperialism and Colonialism Sept.11.12 Imperialism - Extensive geographically - Ruled by a monarch - Hierarchical structure - How to form an empire: direct conquest then use imperial force to control/maintain the empire (result is a territorial empire with little expectation of expansions), or indirect conquest (unfixed armies, locals drawn into the imperial armies, ready for use in further expansion, hegemonic empire) - Territorial empires have more revenue (extraction of resources) - Hegemonic empires has less revenue but more flexibility - Spain’s American empire: very large, run by Spanish officials, small armies, through the cooperation of local elites, political authorities were established, administration was handled by Spaniards that came to colonies a couple times a year, transport/extraction from colonies back to the colonizers - European empires: partitioning of Africa (all empires are hegemonic), European powers established a few cities and controlled them directly (usually poor cities), relatively small European armies stationed to control the colonies, needed help from locals (forced or paid off to control the colony for the colonizers) - Inherent contradiction with this arrangement (Spaniards wanted to extract a lot): colonizers trained the locals to extract their resources (i.e. teach them the colonizers’ language, train them with educational skills, military skills, and administrative skills), build a population that has the skills to organize a revolution (high cost for the colonizer) - Nov.16.1532: encounter between Inkahs and Spaniards (Spaniards won) - Does former colonization explain today’s underdevelopment? - European colonization came in 3 phases: 1. 16 century (expanded to Caribbean and Latin America): disrupted
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