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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 254
Uli Locher

Soci 254 Sept.6.12 Intro – views of development Comparison of 2 earthquakes: Haiti Chile Date Jan.10.10 Feb.27.10 Force 7.0 8.8 Fatalities 230,000 486 Government response Institutional collapse Rapid mobilization Demographic 50% of inhabitants No migration reported response move elsewhere - Chile has working institutions/functional state (emergency response) - Having a functional state = stability, emergency prep and prevention - Haiti has no effective building codes, poor for natural disaster resistance - Hotel Montana (symbol of wealth, built by the rich for the rich) – Port- au-Prince collapsed in the earthquake… no clear planning, wasn’t built properly - Haiti extracts resources and does not give back services to the people (predatory state) - Aftermath was not a result of Chile being richer and Haiti being poorer, it was from the state not being prepared/caring for the total wellbeing of the country/land and its people Development as vision, process, and program: 1. As a program – conventional aid - Civilizing mission - Vast inequality of resources/knowledge - Technology transfer (north to south) leading to more development (i.e. more agriculture) - Motives behind aid? (i.e. political/religious) 2. As a program – political development and aid (visionaries) - Bring a message from the outside to restructure (i.e. Castro and socialism, Che and communism) - Christian missionaries - Great empires spreading ideologies 3. As a program – military aid - Economic development driving dictators away - Becoming allies of the West - Wipe out opposition to allow for economic development The Vision: Human Needs Human Capacity Low level of material poverty Freedoms Low level of unemployment Life sustenance Relative equality Dignity Democratization of political life True national independence Human development index Good literacy and education levels Equality for women, participation in society and economy Sustainable ability to meet future needs Human security Methods of approaching the vision: - Politically neutral and provide for human needs? - Economic growth as the main priority? (no poverty = meeting basic human needs) - Regime change and revolution first? The Process: two views of social change Modernization World System Key concepts Intellectual, political, Division of labor, core, economic, periphery, hegemony psychological, cultural Outlook Optimistic Pessimistic Key players Individuals, institutions, Empires, global actors, states social classes The program: deliberate efforts aimed at improvement Criteria Indicators Comments Positive impact Outcome indicators Targets, time frames, must be measureable (i.e. Canadian government giving a third world c
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