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Lecture 3

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 307
Zygmunt Mochnacki

Putting a Social Scientific Frame into Practice moving beyond goodbad dichotomy identifying concrete issues problems controversies that remain unresolvedpersonal motivations incline us towards specific scholarly frames for evaluating these controversiesexample of frames macroeconomic politicalinstitutional sustainability social justice etcframes can help in narrowing research problemswith our research question we turn to thinking through the kinds of evidence we can use to study this question Factory Collapse in BangladeshApril 24 2013large garment factory in the Dhaka District of Bangladesh collapsedJOE FRESH clothing production building structure was unsoundthere were 3000 people working in that building1100 people killed large maj were womenin this area the buildings have been erected very quickly ignoring safety standards and protocolsthe day before the collapse workers walked out because they saw cracks appearing on the sides of the walls previous accidents in this area previously a few months before a fire that killed 200 ppl the factory owners were very successful as subverting building inspections corruption and paying off local building inspectors after the event immediate call for a Safety Agreement labour protest on April 26 2013 and a march on May 1st 2013once it came to light that these factories were producing shirts for large MNCs the anger moved towards
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