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Lecture 7

Lecture 7- Shifting Missions of the IMF and WB.pdf

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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 307
Zygmunt Mochnacki

Shifting Missions contd from last classWorld Bankfrom stabilization and reconstruction to structural reform and property alleviationexpansion of policy space from basic infrastructure to shaping industrial policy privatization labour markets pension reformcompetition with IMF over policy space shared policy ideas from tackling market failure with some state autonomy and embedded liberalism to an idea of state failure that the problem is states interfering in economies move from embedded liberalism to neoliberalism policy paradigms similar shifts but at later points in timeStiglitz says IMF was monetarist and already central with neoliberal paradigm in the late 80s while WB only went this way later in the 90s competition about turf rather than substancestaff members have similar backgrounds and trainingWB loans depend on IMF approvalthey are joined at the hip many WB loans fund policy reforms rather than projects IMF Structureboard of governors votingexecutive board 24 memberspermanent members US Jap Ger UK Fr19 elected rotating membersmanaging director Christine Lagardethis role is almost always filled by a Europeancentralized in Washingtonclosed strong secrecystaff of 2400IRBD Structureboard of governorsvote on all proposalsexecutive boardcreates policies and agendas to be voted onpermanent members US UK Fr Jap Ger17 rotating elected membersPresident Dr Jim Yong Kimthis role is almost always filled by an Americandecentralizedbased in Washington but operates across the globe opening up to civil society makes data availableopen to NGO delegatespushes for its data to be open and for govts to open up their datastaff of more than 10000much larger than the IMFIMF DecisionMaking Processesvoting power dependent on the financial contributions of member countrieson the Board of Governors of the IMFUS holds 1675Japan holds 6Germany UK and Fr
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