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Eugen Weber - Education in France

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 326
Matthew Lange

Eugen Weber Peasants Into Frenchmen: The Modernization of Rural France 1870-1914  School has allowed for acculturation  enlightenment, democracy  Republican Law (importance)required to attend school, free education  Thesis: explore the development of schooling in the context of rural France o People now go to school because it is useful…? Schools prior to 1875’s  Run by priests/layman for poorer classes  focused on religious studies  Teachers had limited competence, worked other job  Ramshackle class rooms, poor resources  Few countrymen knew how to read, unless if they taught themselves 1833  minister of public instruction set law, # of schools increase  Still had rudimentary training though  1875  most children still not registered for school, those who are registered barely go to class Hindrances to eliminating illiteracy:  1/5 of population did not speak French  non French speaking communes o Even if they learn French, their family would not speak French, forget it quickly  Parents wanted their kids to work 1880’s changes:  Change the image of a teacher  dress, regard teaching as a position of influence  Village teachers became licensed representative of the Republic  Regional inequalities among education  laws then passed, cultural homogenization  Many families could not afford schooling o But even when given free attendance, they would not show up to class  “Crux of school attendance lay in social practice” –people go to school when it is the right thing to do o Thus lack of means would not deter people from going to school  Issue: people saw school as irrelevant –they didn’t need to know metric system, didn’t need to speak Fren
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