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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 330
John Anthony Hall

 Methodology o Words can mean different things in different contexts - no universal language  ex. property - everyone has property, not as much capitalist o Descriptive and normative views  Ex. Karl Marx - capitalism - why is going to be unstable because there will be endless conflict, why the capitalist machine will concentrate everything in the hands of a few producers. Marx is convinced that capitalism will disappear and communism will inevitably happen o Ask yourself - where do intellectuals think? What role do they see for people like themselves in history?  Ex. Durkheim - I'm a sociologist, if they are too alone (divorced, unemployed) there is a good chance they'll kill themselves. I can tell you about society (whether they're happy, normal, abnormal, miserable). He is a doctor to society. They need to be taken seriously. o Substantive - what is sociology?  Sociologist deal with society - this is what Durkheim felt - this is however jus a small definition  If you want to understand what's happening in the world you want to know when is it that social change comes from politics, from economic chance, from urbanization or family structure. You need an overarching discipline that tells you when which type of social power dominates and inter relates with other types of things. Works interrelationship between different social powers. o Mode
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