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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 386
Marcos Ancelovici

Social Movements as Challenges to Authority (Snow) - Snow says the definition proposed by McTT is too narrow- reduces SMs to the sphere of contentious politics tied to the state - This limits how we think about SMs- too hegemonic - Snow argues for inclusion of collective action which targets religious groups or corporations or social structures Focal organizing concept: - Emerging hegemony of the contentious politics conceptualization dismisses the other perspectives proposed by Zald, Lofland, etc. Institutional locus of SMs: - Wants inclusion of all extra-institutional activity, not just activity tied to the state (i.e. movements against IMF and WTO) Kind and level of change: - Inclusion of individual and personal change (consciousness-raising) - i.e. Tumer argues that for a SM to start targeting the state, it first needs to penetrate the hearts and minds of the people Snow’s proposed definition: - SMs as collective challenges to systems or structures of authority - Collectivities acting with some degree of organization and continuity, primarily outside of institutional or organizational channels for the purpose of challenging extant systems of authority, or resisting change in such systems in the organizati
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