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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 507
Melanie Dirks

Ethnicity usually a cultural phenomenon can have race socially defined as a part of it ethnic groups are made up of people who has perceived cultural markers that are significant ex Dress and religion the cultural aspectlanguage religion customs values physical distinctions dont cause difference in behaviourethnic groups can experience prejudice and discrimination ethnic origins in Canadapeople who use multiple responsesabout 20 million Canadians use multiple responsesex If do a survey and say who are you not many people put just Canadianif write a multiple response would list diff backgroundsthis shows that identity is important many Canadians identify themselves as multiple ethnic originsEthnic traitsreligion language clothing holidays sense of community ethic people are aware that they belong to a certain group and other people in society are also aware of thatfeelings of ethnocentrismit is widespread and boils down to a culture or subculture that i belong to is the best oneand we have the most favoured set of attributes compared to other subculturesmy people are harder more moral better in all kind of ways than the outsidertend to get ethnocentrism within ethnic identification Membershipcomes from birth dont choose to be born wn a certain ethnic group not something that you achieve but it is ascribed sometimes ethnicity is associated w territoryex Quebec home of the French Canadians you can also have residential segregationyou find this across North Americacertain areas of the city are monopolized by certain ethnic groupsex Greek along the Danforth therefore it is a Greek area this can be voluntary or involuntary in an apartheid society certain groups must by law live in certain areas and places cannot live in other areas bc another group lives in that areain Canada the residential segregation is more voluntary people choose to live in a area where there are people of their ethnic group this is most seen when people first immigrate to Canada people feel more comfortable living among people who speak the same language eat the same food
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