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May 10 2012Early Childhood Physical EmotionalSocial Development Last week Teratogensany environmental factor that can impact the developing fetus most common alcohol and tobaccoLecture 4Early Childhood Physical EmotionalSocial DevelopmentPhysical development Infants and Toddlers Neonatalbirth to 1 monthBody growthReflexesCycles of crying sleeping eatingSensory abilities o Soon as the baby is born the baby cansto Infancy 1 18 monthsincapable of speechLearn the moment they are bornBorn with 3 abilities feeding innate ability to find safety form relationshipsNever grow as fast as we grow in infancyMotor milestonesFine motor skillsBody GrowthInfants double in weight by age 4 monthsBy age 2 children have multiplied their birth weight by four folds and have double their original heightCephalocaudal from head to toe the growth occurs from head downward o What grow fastest st Head fetal stageTrunk 1 yearhips legs and feet later in childhood o Proximodistal The growth also occurs from inward to outwardTrunk then arms and legs then hands and feetReflexesSucking first 4 monthsRooting first 3 months turning in the direction of the breastBlinking lifetimeStepping first 3 monthsBabinskiPlantar Reflex first 12 months when touch the bottom of the foot toes curl upwards babinskio httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvSv5SsLH70mY Reflexes disappear by themselves at a certain ageAbsence of reflexes can indicate a serious developmental disorderCycles of crying sleeping eatingNewborns spend 23 hrs a day crying or on the verge of crying
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