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Lecture 10

SOCI 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Gordon Allport

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SOCI 230
Zoua Vang

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Prejudice and Discrimination
January 31, 2017
What is prejudice?
o Stems from socialization (media) and history
o Social-psychological perspective (Gordon Allport)
o Antipathy, hostility, hatred, intolerance, or aggressiveness towards out-group
o Located within individual
Individual phenomenon
Results of innate dispositions, certain personality types (e.g.
authoritarian), and social experience
Relationship between group stereotype and prejudice
o Stereotype generalizations about the average characteristics of members of a
o Attributes or salient characteristics of a group
E.g. women
Bad drivers
Naturally nurturing
Like children
Dependent on men/less capable than men
o Cognitive source of prejudice
o Stereotypes reinforce effects
What is discrimination?
o Unequal treatment of individuals or groups on the basis of some social
o Many forms of discrimination gender, class, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity,
weight, religion, class, etc.
o Differential treatment
Unequal treatment on basis of race resulting in disadvantage for a racial
Stems from the person belonging to a particular racial group
o Differential effect
Could be unintentional
Unequal treatment may have nothing to do with racial group
membership, but the effect/outcome results in racial discrimination
E.g. US legal treatment of coke vs crack
Coke is usually used by elite whites
Crack is a street drug used mostly by minorities
o Prejudice does not always lead to discrimination
o Discrimination is not always because of prejudice
o Interpersonal level discrimination that happens from one person to another
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