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Lecture 21

SOCI 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Group Cohesiveness, Balkanization, Visible Minority

Course Code
SOCI 230
Zoua Vang

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Lecture #21
Social Cohesion
Many definitions:
oGeneral ~ solidarity
oSpecific ~ willingness of members of a society to cooperate with each other in
order to survive and prosper
Social cohesion is good for society, individuals: improves health, life satisfaction,
economic prosperity etc.
Immigrant Ethnic Identities
First gen and second gen adhering to a cultural identity from a country that is not the
current, means a person isn't attaching to the new mainstream culture and society
Ethnic identity as fundamental aspect of immigrants' adaption
oIdentification assimilation
Reflects sense of attachment to/alienation from mainstream culture and society
Attachment of immigrants and their children to host society/culture important for social
Ethnic identities are developed through the act of contact with host society members
o+ interactions --> assimilation or integration
o- interactions --> reactive/racialized identities
Barriers to integration also fuel racialized identities
Racialized identities potentially problematic because ethnic balkanization and intergroup
Immigrant's ethnic identities vary by generation status
1st generation --> People adhering to their original nation identities
oE.g. Chinese, Polish, Syrian, Dutch
2nd generation --> hyphenated identities (hybridization)
oE.g. Chinese-Canadian, Syrian Canadian
Most visible minorities in Canada are first and second generation
Ties to ethnic/national origin still important for 1st and 2nd generation immigrants in
Few 2nd generation immigrants adopt pure host country ethnic label (e.g. Canadian)
Integration process hasn’t really unfolded yet
Canadian Scholars
Strong ethnic identity and weak identity - doesn’t mean lack of incorporation
oMeaning of Canadianess is abstract
Identifying as "Canadian" has little concrete meaning for some immigrants
Canadian youth's ethnic identities and social integration
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