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SOCI 386 Lecture Notes - Social Capital, Jim Crow Laws, Collective Effervescence

Sociology (Arts)
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SOCI 386
Marcos Ancelovici

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Feb 11th
Movement Outcomes
Student Strike
- How do we isolate outcomes? If there hadn’t been an election, Liberals might still be in
- Student strike ended because of Bill 12/78 which restricted civil liberties- fine of
$35000/day for organizing (also ended due to election)
- Time frame is critical here- student strike was just one tactic, a campaign within a wider
social movement
- Movement is less unified now
- Impact of student strike still being felt (summit on education)
Movement “Success”
- Difficult to define and depends on who you talk to, because different people will have
different goals
- Impact on economy was an unintended effect
Was it Worth the Effort? (Giguini)
- What counts as success? Could be acceptance/legitimacy of movement- is movement
respected by state? Success in influencing public discourse, success in getting media
coverage, concrete benefits for constituents of movement
- Movements are more influential in the early stage of the policy process (determining
Factors Affecting Likelihood of Success (Gamson)
1) Single issue demands
2) Selective incentives to sustain mobilization
3) Use of violence/disruptive tactics
4) Political opportunity structure
5) Organization- bureaucratization, centralization and nonfactionalism
Poor People’s Movements (Piren/Cloward)
- Thought movements needed to be non-bureaucratic and disruptive
Problems with Concept of “Success”
- Assumption of a clear movement goal, but movements are not homogeneous- there are
often multiple goals that evolve over the course of movement operations
- Multiple criteria (success in reaching goals, success in tactics, success in democratic
- Who decides movement success? Intellectuals, people in the movement, or the media?
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