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Lecture 4

SWRK 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Canada Social Transfer, Canada Health Transfer, Robert Bourassa

Social Work
Course Code
SWRK 221
Karen Hetherington

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September 16, 2015
Political ideology
Which factor is more dominant in our society- Politics or economic? Economic. Political
parties are run by business (economic).
Our values affect society. What moral and attitudes we pose or choose affect our
behavior- affect our society.
Structural Factors
Example of policy: Emploie Quebec- helps people get jobs
Across Canada –where money goes
-Hospitals are highest.
-Put a lot of funding into medical care.
Federally mandated
Provincially administered
Federal Government role
-Prevention disease
-Health promotion
-Health protection
-Health research funding
-Aboriginal health care
Thomy Douglas
-Revolutionized provincial universal public insurance plan
Two major types of transfer payments
-Canada health transfer
-Canada social transfer
5 principles driving Canada’s health care system
-Public Administration- all administration of provincial health insurance must be
carried out by authority.
-Comprehensive- necessary services are comprehensive and understood as
-Universality-all citizens insured
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