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Lecture 18

SWRK 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Palliative Care, Elder Abuse, Intersectionality

Social Work
Course Code
SWRK 221
Karen Hetherington

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Wednesday, November 4
Dying with Dignity: The current context in Quebec and Canada
(which reading is this?)
Doctors were trained to help people live not to help people die
social workers has a right to act as adults children don’t.
legislation allows option of medical aid if someone chooses
every doc should be able to provide palliative care to solve the issue of accessibility. It is
the law
not enough money in palliative care
Dying with dignity
you have an illness that is so bad that you want to effect the process. making it go faster
experience constant suffering
Advanced medicine regime
Criteria of medical aid in dying
meet all criteria of section 26
doc telling patient only 6 months and they live 6 yrs
doing this as a pattern, checking to see if they are suffering
right to refuse it choice to seek a professional
compassion, justice
Canada supreme court decision
someone else makes the decision, person who has right to talk on patients behalf.
Carter B Canada
suspended decision to fill gap
2 codes. charter says they have right to protect ppl. security of the person.
guidance at the federal level
National consultation
suspension period
liberal majority is for the decriminalization provision of medically assisted suicide
Palliative care: The end stages of life
debate with court decision
debate with quebec legislation
quebec is limited to end of life illness
this is not to terminal suffering. irremediable - is it curable or treatable?
Reasons Rodriguez was rejected by supreme court
safeguards has been effective to court legislations
issues are relevant today
caregiving concerns: Burden of a family member at the end of life quality of life.
universal access to high quality palliative care services
concerns in the disability community
not limited to terminal illness
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concerns in disability community
crafting legislation to protect all canadians.
Supreme court decision
someone can seek medically assisted suicide because they are disabled
Importance pfo participation - will be on exam
dying with quality of life
highly promoted - participation of elder adults is key
intersection of ageing and disability- all facets of individual
is normative concept of participation applicable to participation of ageing policy
applicable with disability?
key points: self- determination, accessibility and identity intersectionality
welcomeness and inclusion - bringing in a wheelchair. changing.
those who live with disability is part of their identity and this changes as people grow
making them more accessible
not defined by disability or age
peer group is a positive experience since it encourages elder adults
including ppl in the law.
Key questions
implications for social workers
Guest Speaker - Services to older adults
Zelda Freitas
transformation in health care system
public policies
does not touch homecare
not publicly serviced program under health act
national program on federal level for old age pension(regardless of income)
Income supplement program
each province has individual system of health care
paid leave from employment to care for someone
MSSS Seniors - oversea all health and social services in Quebec
REstraints: physical limitation to their activity or movement. (ex: someone tied to their
bed or wheelchair)
onegative outlook on restraints - right of freedom
oevery institution has a policy of restraint
oMisuse of restraints: we must Monitor ppl with restraints.
oQuality of life reduced
Mental health policies
our stm don’t have enough adapted to seniors - reduced mobility - planning our cities
around the needs of all the population
social housing
professional associations
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