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Lecture 11

SWRK 221 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Assistive Technology, Undeclared, Old Age Security

Social Work
Course Code
SWRK 221
Karen Hetherington

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Income security for those unable to work
Guest Speaker- Margaret Van Neuton
Project Genesis
An accessible service for everyone
oName of ”welfare” keeps changing (Currently called Centre Local
oless and less help for access to services (use to have health agents)
oaccess barriers
Marital Status (Vie Maritale)
Cohabitation - for more than 1 yr you become a
couple- investigation must happen you must file as
a couple. welfare stops if u don’t file a couple.
Trying to prove that you are not a couple
Re application as couples - goes much faster - many
people claim couples - when they are not.
If 2 girls or 2 guys lived together- no investigation.
a gender discrimination.
work income
a temptation to work under the table
Casual income - some cases it’s good to
declare (ex: babysitting, janitor, painting,
shoveling snow)
some ppl who declare but don’t tell their
agent (efficiency with today’s social welfare
technology - databases)
Even tho it was declared, some ppl don’t
declare it to the welfare offices bc they don’t
know if the job is stable
Deficit budget
how is the person able to pay for their
expenses based on what we give?
is deducted from check beside for one year -
cash gift - birthdays and holidays you can
receive gift up to any amount - develop
gifts in kind - can always be given for ex:
food, clothing. bus pass would be tricky.
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