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Anthropology Sex Food and Death 962012 73200 AM Trophies and Talismans Death and Human RemainsDeath Determined by legal social political and cultural beliefs Process and method of disposal varies Dead body has value Premised on an inherent concept of the body as divided The division appears to be cross culturalCorpse vs spiritCorpseCadaver To avoid not to be handled Contaminated pollutedpolluting Kept away from the living To be protected against as conveyors of more dead Cadaver as discontinuity decomposition and finalitySpiritsoulContinuity of life in same or different location Socially activepowerfulpowerless Integrated in spaces of the living Benign meddlesome evil interactive threatening helpful Allies enemies guardians messengers Tribal societiesSeminomadic traditional warrior society Clans blood relations form distinct groups Vendettas sorcery violent competition Death and spirit world volatile Human remains charged with powerHuman remains as Talisman An object endowed with magic brings luck healing wards off evil Personal Property They killed this person therefore they own them and the rights to all corporeal and non corporeal parts Trophy An award for the advertisement of Success and ability The death count The progress of war The advancement of strength and status A warning to potential enemies Tools of the trade To cast spells impartprevent curses and used as instruments of magic and predictionControl and authority To minimize the impact of death control chaos and the sprit world possess spirits for shamanic work Veneration and worship ties to ancestors acknowledging familyelders respect for past generations to help you display lineagehistoryEarly Christian societydeath awaits you Cultural and religiousness on the fleetingness of life Active associations between body and spirit Earthy pleasures are dangerous Afterlife is importantThe Dead body has value talisman personal property trophy tools of trade power and authority entertainment capital
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