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Sandra Preston

Feb 11-12 / 2013 Anthropology 1AA3 - Midterm exam / 9:30 – 10:20 - 60 multiple choice - Bring pencil Case Study- India - Ratio of males/females higher in the North - Production - Marriage Exchanges - Is abortion considered infanticide? o When talking about selective abortion because of its sex, it is called Feticide o Female feticide (Selective abortion of females in the womb) Important Points: - Patterns and rates of infanticide vary between AND within cultures - See text re: cross-cultural patterns of suicide and violence - Patterns vary according to cultural, political, religious, and economic factors What happens to bodies after death and how do forensic anthropologists study them? (202-208 for exam) The Forensic Anthropologist: - PhD in Biological Anthropology - Involved in research, recovery and analysis - Only called when the skeleton is when human remains are: o Badly decomposed o Skeletonized - Do a biological profile: look at evidence from remains to determine: o Age, sex, ancestry o Identifying traits o Evidence of trauma throughout their lifetime - Post-mortem (after death) damage Forensic Anthropologists Generally Do Not - Perform autopsies - Make the final determination of cause or manner of death (e.g. homicide vs. suicide) - Coroner or forensic pathologist does this - Take down criminals in a blazing gun fight Process of Decomposition - Breakdown and destruction of organic tissues - Autolysis* – degeneration of body tissue
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