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January 28/2013 Day 4 Social Work 1A06 Racism and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples Colonialism in Canada - Decimation of existing culture and religion - The Reserve System o Restricts Indigenous peoples to particular spaces o Divides Indigenous peoples into artificial groups which are then pitted against each other o Reserves tended to be located in areas that were not considered attractive to settlers - Residential Schools o Children were separated from their families and communities for long periods of time o Native language was forbidden o Corporal punishment and humiliation were accepted means of discipline o School uniforms further reduced individuality o Schools were expected to be self-sufficient - “Sixties Scoop” o Use of child welfare systems to continue to remove indigenous children from their communities o More permanent as many children were adopted by “white” parents o Prime example of how racism and ethnocentrism in the guise of helping can be quite destructive - Continuing discrimination today Identity - Language - Political/legal constructions - Past and Present Media Images - Racism and ethnocentric approaches in the school system - Racism in the Child Welfare System - Aboriginal Approaches to reclaiming identity and self-esteem Access to Justice - Police force o Lack of indigenous police officers, problems with police treatment - Judges o Very few indigenous judges - Prison system o Overrepresentation of indigenous peoples in both the men’s and women’s systems Indigenous Approaches to Justice - Native police services - Sentencing circles - Incorporation of indigenous healing practices in federal institutions January 28/2013 Day 4 Indigenous People and Prison - These disparities include the discriminatory over classification of Aboriginal offenders especially women. o In September 2006, native women made up 45% of federally sentenced women in the maximum- security population and just 18% of minimum-security women - While Aboriginal peoples comprise 2.7% of the adult Canadian population, approximately 18.5% of offenders now serving federal sentences are of First Nations, Métis and Inuit ancestry (Correctional Service Canada, 2006) Freedom - Over practices to restrict indigenous freedom – the pass system - Convert practices – reserves tend to be inaccessible, lack of safety in some cities, schools, etc - Poverty and the reserve system impact people’s freedom of choice and movement Access to Resources - Overt practices to reduce indigenous people’
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