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3/3/2013 12:05:00 PM Lecture: Monday, February 25 th What is Bio archaeology? (197-210) - the study of human skeleton in archaeological context  Health  Diet  Habitual activities  Mobility: geographical - looking for patterns within and between populations How do we look at health in the past? Paleopathology- study of health and disease in past populations - only look at those conditions that leave traces on the skeleton - patterns of illness and disease- relate to cultural aspects  sex: differences between male and female  age:  status: effects nutrition and impacts the body  time: do we see changes over time in a particular population - nutritional deficiencies  bending and fracture of bones caused by lack of vitamin D  Rickets- happened a lot in the industrialization period because of extended amount of time without sun  Bones don’t mineralize properly, and begin to bend, the pressure of walking causes the bones to bend  Can be noticed on the bones of people and used in paleopathology - Diet  look at evidence on the teeth for infections,  abscess- when a cavity goes to the root, when the bacteria gets in it sets in an infection in the bone- tells us what the person was eating and their dental hygiene  tells us about the quality of the diet and what they were consuming  Changes overtime and patterns within dental to see if there are changes in the amounts of cavities, and infections  Shift in dietary patterns such as things as corn etc. that produces more cavities Activity patterns- how do we look at work?  Auditory exostosis- o the ears begin to build a lump of bone within the ear cannel in order to block the ear from repetitively being under cold water, most often in surfers etc. o Romans had it because they took really cold baths  Squatting Faces o Hyper extended the end
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