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March 7/2013 Anthropology 1AA3 How Humans are Transforming the Earth – Contemporary Global Trends Green Revolution – PROs - 1950 – 1985: World grain supplies increased nearly 3x - Countries that had regular famines prior to Green Revolution now had grain reserves in supply for lean years (e.g. India) - Goal – increase production to end world hunger Green Revolution – CONS - Technology not spread evenly - Many subsistence farmers can’t afford seeds, fertilizers, equipment - Africa benefited least - Failed to address unequal access to food and food-producing resources Development and Indigenous People (text pp. 260-264) - Usually occupy remote areas that are rich in natural resources - 300-350 million people (5% of world’s population) - Political/economic interests in resources in these territories Number of hungry people in the world (2010) - Total = 925 million o Developed countries 19 o Near East and North Africa 37 o Latin America and the Caribbean 53
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