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Lecture 6

ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture 6: SFFD

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Andrew Wade

Anthropos = humans Logia = study of Anthropology: systematic study of humans Historical (what shaped us) Comparative (similarities, differences) Contextual (circumstances, envis, beliefs (=context) shape human behaviour) Holistic (whole entire pic, biological and cultural) Reconstruction of early hominids (=humans) 4 subfields of anthropology Biological anthropology Archaeology study of past societies and their cultures using material culture (tools, ceramics, sites) Sociocultural anthropology contempt cultures + societies defined as transmitted, learned behaviour Methodology: ethnology and participant observation Ethnography: a description of an aspect of culture within a society Linguistics Modern cultural anthropology: local, regional, global 2 divisions in archaeology 1) Prehistoric archaeology no written documents, evidence from artifacts in sites 2) Historical archaeology more recent, evidence= written Archaeology (vs Treasure hunting) Digging is destruction Rigorously controlled using standard procedures Sampling usually dont evacuate the entire site Evidenceartifacts are recorded, labelled, photographed, + mapped systematically Excavation method depends on challenges + problems associated with site Linguistic anthro Studies the construction + use of language by human societys Structural linguistics how language works Sociolinguistics relationship bet language + social behaviour in dif cultures Historical linguistics how languages are related to each other + how they changed overtime Physical anthro All aspects of the biology + behaviour of the human species (+ our close relatives), past + present Remember No anthropologist is an expert in ALL 4 branches of anthro Many do research that crosses over subfields (interdisciplinary) Anthro investigates diversity of humans in all contexts View that humans are both cultural + biological beings Biological anthro ALL aspects of biology + behaviour of the human species, past + present EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE to look at things in the deep past BIOCULTURAL PERSPECTIVE to look at the interaction between biology and culture Interested in DIVERSITY of populations Hollistics Takes multiple research approaches Osteology Study of skeleton Central to physical anthro Structure + function of skeleton Important for understanding changes in fossil material + adaptations in living pops Palaeoanthropology Study of the human fossil record
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