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Lecture 5

ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture 5: Food fetish

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Karen Mc Garry

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 Food Fetishes What is a fetish? 1. Excessive or irrational commitment 2. Sexual — where abnormal gratification is linked to a particular object - general use vs clinical - sexual vs non sexual - Other uses of the word fetish - religious - Commodity Types of Food Fetishes: - Sitophilia - preparation, taste, texture - food play - food as sex objects - body shots - nyotaimori - phallic food objects - Feederism - act of watching someone eat/be fed, can be sexual or non sexual - Donna Simpson - Vororephilia - desire to eat or be eaten 1 Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - popular media fascination - criminal minds, CSI - Fat fetishism - Body size, “Chubby chasers” - Salirophilia - wet/messy fetish Non-sexual food fetishes - Health movement - Food movements - organic, local, slow food, vegan, vegetarian - Foodies, food porn, gourmand - food as an art, pleasure Why does food become a fetish? - Ubiquitous - Food is tied to bodies - Change in ideas about the role of food - consumption in the age of affluence - Phenomenological Experience of food - Greater exposure and discussion/ decrease in taboos on behaviour - popular culture Food is also a commodity - Class, f
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