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April 1/2013 Anthropology 1AA3 Last week: - Influences on food production (subsistence) and diet (geography) - Subsistence also affects human populations - Foragers Understanding Human Subsistence Patterns Chapter 3, pp. 110-130 Foragers - Population Factors o Small populations (they are mobile, larger groups would impede their movement) o Strategies to curb population - Social and Cultural Factors o Little property o Communal sharing – ‘hxaro’  The object does not matter, but the value of the relationship o Land, Labour, and Production  Open access Gender in Foraging Societies - Most display gender equality, but related to source of food o Example: Inuit  Roles of males are primarily hunting large animals (seal, walrus, polar bear)  Diet based mainly on mean and fish  There is a slight division in gender roles – emphasis on male labour (hunting/fishing = dangerous)  Increased male dominance Pastoralism - Subsistence – raising and caring for large herds of domesticated animals - Population factors o Size and density varies - Combined subsistence strategies o E.g. with foraging or small-scale farming - Land and Labour o Ownership and control of resources/territories o Division of labour based on gender Pastoralist Case Study: The Basseri, Iran - Summer months they go into the highlands – they move with their animals - Basseri tents – travelling on a specific routes, they do not want to
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