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Lab #0 Uncertainties   Exercise 1   What is an uncertainty? Explain it using your own words rather than those from a textbook .   Can you give examp les from everyday life where uncertainties are important? < /font> (< span style="letter-spacing:-.3pt; ">Vitally important - perhaps your life could depend on this uncertainty!)   Exercise 2   A stud ent measures the radius of a sphere to be 3.4 ± .3 mm. How would you interpret the result? (i.e. if you were to go to the lab and do the measurement yourself, what would you expect of your measurement?)   Exercise 3     What is wrong with the way each of these measurements is quoted and how would you fix them? a)      3.4102 ± 0.3    mm b)      3. ± .03 mm c)      3.456 ± 0.312   mm Please, provide a proper formula for every case.     Exercise 4   a) Every measurement that you do will be limited by the precision of your measuring device. The associated uncertainty is called the "reading uncertainty." The reading uncertain ty is usually taken as half of the smallest scale division. Does this seem reasonable to you? Explain. td> b)  On your desk you have a vernier caliper, for measuring lengths precisely, and a balance, for measuring mass. Figure out how to read the scales on each instrument.  Wha ▯readitnge uncertaint▯yon each of the instruments? Follow this link to review how to read caliper's scales →
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