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Anthro INTRO 1022012 72000 PM What is anthropology Anthropos humankind Logia study of Anthropology the systematic study of human kindHistoricalComparativeContextual Holistic HistoricalHow do we become the way we areWhat forces in the past have shaped us Comparative What do all humans have in commonHow do we differWhat are the reasons for this difference ContextualWhat circumstances environments and beliefs shape human behaiviour and understanding HolisticHow can we understand the entire picture of the human condition both biological and cultural The Four Subfields of AnthropologyPhysical anthropologyArchaeologyCultural anthropologyLinguistics Interdisciplinary research that crosses over the subfields Anthropology investigates the diversity of humans in all contexts View that humans are both cultural and biological beings Cultural Anthropology The study of contemporary cultures and societies Culture is defined as transmitted learned behavior Methodologyparticipant observation txt pg 7 Ethnographya description of an aspect of culture within a society Archaeology The study of past societies and their cultures using material remainsTools ceramics sites Linguistic Anthropology Studies the construction and use of language by human societies Structural linguistics how language works Sociolinguistics the relationship between language and social behavior in a different culture Historical linguistics how are languages related to each other Physical Anthropology Studies all aspects of the biology and behavior of the human species and our closest relatives past and present Subfield of Physical Anthropology o Osteology study of the skeleton o Paleoanthropology study of the human fossil record PrimatologyStudy of nonhuman primatesSocial behavior communication infant care reproductionUnderstand natural forces that have shaped human evolution and aspects of human behavior Human BiologyHuman growth and developmentAdaptation to environmental extremesHuman variation in modern population Forensic AnthropologyAnthropology and the lawApplied approachaccidental death crime scene investigation human rights investigations Applied Anthropology the use of data gathered from the other subfields of anthropology in an effort to offer practical solutions to problems within modern societiesExample Tracy FarmerWorks for private health company in TorontoEvaluates governments health problems Does surveys interviews group meetingsEnsures that health programs are meeting the needs of northern populations
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