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Tracy Prowse

Readings:Ch 4, p.166-178 Culture-specific Syndromes Monday, January 21, 2013 9:50 AM Case Study: Anorexia Nervosa Culture Specific Syndromes - Health problem with symptoms associated with a particular culture - Underlyingcauses - stress, fear, shock - Victims often socially marginalized ○ Could have been placed sociallyoutside their community could makethem succumb to the syndromes Major CSS of "the West": AnorexiaNervosa and Bulimia - Associated with industrial, western societies ○ US, Canada ; more common than western Europe - Found mostly inEuro-American adolescent females ○ More common in "white" girls - Difficult to cure medically ○ Very mental that ishard to change for girls ○ Try to help them see, and stay away from it once they've been treated - No clear biological cause ○ Some people have suggestedthere isa genetic component to it, not clear ○ The flu: caused by a virus, easy treatments likesleep, rest - Culturallylinkedto concern with appearance and body weight ○ Women describe it as an issueof control, they can decide what they eat and how they look - 1/10 are males - Increase in prevalencesince 1970's ○ May be due to increasein the occurrence, or increased awareness and recording of the disorder - Not seen in 'developing'world until 1990's ○ Other countries not North America, Europe - Is this an urban, modern, western disease?
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