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LECTURE 23 Monday, March 26, 2013 Example: match the eating context with the social meaning  Home cooked meal=romantic, cup of coffee=first meeting, ect o Food is social and has a lot of meaning and there’s a situational effect on it Food has meaning- comfort food  Got a feeling to it, that you get emotions from- has meaning- we can also think about foods that we also hate/cannot stand Food classification systems  The way we organize/view food has significant impact if we’re going to eat it- EX rats=no  People tend to classify foods different ways, according to their culture  Foods can be: edible/inedible, hot/cold, male/female (some kind of food prohibition whether males or females cannot eat), wet/dry Example”: Hot and cold classification of foods in Puerto rice  Cold: bananas, coconut, sugar cane, ect  Cool: milk, chicken fruits, honey, ect  Hot: chocolate, coffee, alcohol, ect o Kind of foods we eat tie into health Hot and cold classification of foods  Common in Latin America and Asia- derived from system of Greek ideas about health (4 humors)  Health- balance of the different components in your life- suffering from chills, you would consume warmer/hotter goods- balance of opposing elements  Basic idea in Greek, Indian, Chinese and Arabic medical systems- intimately related and identification of food systems Definitions  Food preferences- likes/dislikes, stuff you avoid or want  Food restrictions- not permanent, but period denial/self- selected of certain food (EX pregnant woman, or men going through initiation)  Food taboos- deliberate avoidance of foods, usually if you break it there are strict consequences, EX consumption of pork for Jewish Food taboos  Definition from article: The deliberate avoidance of a food item for reasons other than simple dislike from food preferences  Pigs- Muslim, Jewish, Ethiopian orthodox, Christians  Cows- Hindu  Carnivores eaten in few cultures, like wolf- something in the way we view food that stops us from eating animals that eat other animals, or that would eat humans, like tiger because of aversion of indirectly eating flesh  Almost universal taboo against eating humans- most examples of cannibalism are very rare, in tribal societies How do we explain food taboos?  How was cons
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