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Genesis of Suicide Terrorism Question 4 In the article Genesis of Suicide Terrorism Scott Atran focuses on the concept of suicide terrorists Atran characterized suicide terrorists as the targeted use of self destructing humans against noncombatanttypically civilian populations to effect political change Atran 2003 1534 Furthermore he discusses the history of suicide bombing such as the kamikazes in World War 2 Atran 2003 1534 Ever since the attacks on the World Trade Centre on thSeptember 11 2001 the United States ideology that they were a paramount country that no one dared to oppose came crashing down as wellIt has become apparent to people that a group of organized terrorists can train their people to kill themselves and thousands of others half a world away not only by hijacking airliners and flying them into skyscrapers but also by using easily transported explosives and biological weaponsScupin1992 As a result many people have assumed that every Muslim possesses the same radical mind frame as AlQaida and that many Muslims are hell bent on spreading Islam However there is a great distinction between radicalism and fundamentalismIn addition many people classify Muslim terrorists as evil cowards as President George W Bush stated Atran 2003 1535 Therefore this essay shall explain why Atran suggests calling modern radical Islam fundamentalism is misleading and that the American categorization of suicide bombers is incorrect and misguidedAccording to Oxford Dictionary fundamental is defined as a form of a religion especially Islam or Protestant Christianity that upholds belief in the strict literal interpretation of scripture Oxford Dictionary 2010On the other hand radicalism is defined as the holding or following of radical or extreme views or principles Oxford Dictionary 2010 Atran states that classifying radical Islam fundamentalism is misrepresentative and that the idea of a ruling ecclesiastical authority a state or national council of clergy and a religious police devoted to
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