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Identity Social Person Identity and The Social Person We are incomplete or unfinished animals who complete or finish ourselves through cultureClifford Geertz o Culture is what makes us humans o Newborns are not fully formed we only become social person through time and by absorbing cultureIdentity comes in two form o Social Identity is determined through the interaction with others o Personal Identity refers to the individuals identity apart from othersAlthough different they are relatedWe have one personal identity and several social identities o Social Group o Age o Family grouping o Language linguistic identity o Racenationality o Gender o ReligionWe identify with others in workplaces neighbourhood etcSmaller social groups friends and familyIt give us a sense of self by being members of a social group we get a social identitySocial interaction creates societyIts not inborn we are born as a blank slateWe acquire or social identity through social interaction and this is how we learn things Human character and personal identity its not natural you cant develop it on our own How we dress how we communicate to each other gestures facial expression what we consider edible etc are culturally acquiredWe are biological creature we have innate needs food sleep but are influenced socially by how we satisfy these needs Theoretical frameworkSelf as the outcome of social interaction George Herbert MeadThe everyday drama of the self Irving Goffman Mead Self As Product of Interaction Mind Self and Society 1934We CANNOT develop normally without otherswe are social beings in a very profound senseThe Self is a social product d
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