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Lecture 2

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McMaster University
Karen Slonim

 Lots of ways to classify the same things  Secondary sex characteristics: females have rounder chins, men and woman store fat differently –women throughout hole body and men away from arms and legs  Men gain muscle mass more easily  Because women give birth we have to have more fat stores  Evolution: women had to be able to store fat easily to survive during famine and for baby to survive as well  Women have a wider more full shaped pelvis  Gonadal sex is important when differentiating between two sexes  Think of sex as male or female, nothing in between  Culturally you belong to one group or another  Lots of people who do not reach all of the criteria to be placed in one group or the other  Turner’s syndrome: second x chromosome is missing pieces so it is not a complete copy  Does not have proper development of ovaries, shorter, less breast development  Neither male or female  May not show symptoms so may not know have it  More sloped shoulders, like women ---more of a female body type  XYY syndrome: ADD, inability to concentrate  Hermaphrodites: four types  46 XX: female has male characteristics, if exposed to male hormones as a fetus, female child will form male genitalia  46 XY: male exposed to female hormones  True Gonadal: possible they have XX and XY, develop two ovaries and two testes  Complex/Undetermined: could be just underdeveloped (Ex. Boys do not develop properly so testes are inside body) ---micropenis…  Mother might have a tumor that is producing excess hormones  Gender construct: gender role is what you are being told you should be  In earlier grades, boys more complimented on building things with blocks  Girls were more complimented on nice writing  Gender identity: just because society puts it out there does not mean we all in
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