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Karen Slonim

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VIDEO  How may of the differences between males and females are biological, genetic, imposed by society  Why do we encourage boys to express themselves through muscular power  Are they exaggerating natural male qualities or are they acting in an unnatural way  If society left them alone, would boys and girls behave the same way  Perhaps the differences we observe are not biological at all  Society imposes pressure on individuals to differentiate between genders  To see how gender roles came about we observe people who still live in tribes  In Africa: men hunt, deal with carcasses and make tools  Women rear children build huts and gather food  Female and male contribution to food are about equal  Athletic hunting of males has resulted in muscular body  Female body is made for child bearing  Male muscular power shown: fruit carrying contest somewhere, log tossing contest in Highland games in Scotland, oil wrestling contest in Turkey  Each culture has its own version of male muscle display  Men have 30% more muscle than women  Men can carry twice his weight, females can carry half  Fat stores in men are around stomach not arms and legs (needed for running and stuff)  Fat stores in women are distributed over whole body even limbs  Women have twice as much fat as men at puberty  Adults: men have 12% fat, women have 25% fat  Female athletes can reduce fat down to 12% but lose period and stuff  Sexuality is flexible (women can become masculine)  Females have wider pelvis (adaptation to child bearing)  Human pelvis affects how we sit down – leg crossing  Human face has gender signals  Males developed bigger lungs than women because they were used to chasing prey so had to have better breathing  Men have wider nose bridge and bigger nose holes for breathing  Because of danger of prey men had bigger jaw and more protruding chin  Larger eyebrows more internal eyes so they are protected  By making juvenile sounds even when adults, women were able to be soothing  Do men and women think differently?  Male brain became specialized in focusing on single minded long term pursuits  Women became skilled at thinking about many things at once  Men became better at visual special skills  Women became better at verbal skills  Men are better map readers  Men remember routs by remembering mental maps in their head with distances while women remember land marks  Women can be thrown off course by removing land marks men are by changing distances in turns  Men are better at technical drawings than women  Men like to devise strategies and complex planning like chess  At serious level of chess 98% of players are males  Women are better at organizing by discussing problems  Women are better ate dealing verbally with people  Men are better at dealing silently with things  Women are less likely than
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