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Food and Nutrition – Part 2 – Lecture Notes.docx

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McMaster University
Karen Slonim

Food and Nutrition – Part 2 – Lecture Notes  Evolution isn’t directional, not moving toward something better, just moving forward  Agriculturalists not necessarily better than foragers  Limited in a foraging society because constantly following herds and plant seasons  Does not make sense to have huge entourage because must be able to feed that group  Don’t really have ability to store food since always on the move  Pastoralism – sense of ownership and able to support larger populations  Ownership is usually communal not individual  As subsistence sequence changes, population increases  Subsistence used to be what we eat but now it is what we do  Agriculture allows people to specialize in certain thing Origins of Agriculture  Looking from when people shifted from living off animal/plants surrounding them to when they began to cultivate and control land around them  Less variation in seeds/animal remains than hunter-gatherer times  Didn’t used to consume all the things we now see as staple crops  No concept of what it is like to communally provide food and to have to look after other people and make sure they are eating  (1) Fertile crescent: earliest evidence is domesticated cereals (wheat, barley)  (2) Mesoamerica: do
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