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Bryan Cummins

Anthropology – Week 2 Wednesday, September 21, 2011 Socio – Cultural Anthropology The aspect is of culture. Cultural Anthropologsists are concerned with culture. Many definitions of culture. This refers to ideas and values. This is the way that people create their world. This is according to drives and instincts. Values and Norms, Values are of two types: - terminal values – this is something that people in a society that consider to be a desirable goal – ex: like a decent income. - instrumental values – this is something that is socially acceptable to meet that goal. Ex: A well paying job is how you achieve that goal. Culture also includes material culture and that is exactly that. It is objects and tangible objects that is that. We are going to concern ourselves with culture. Culture: 1) Is learned- literally from the moment we are born, if you are born in a hospital that reflects certain cultural understandings…. Enculturation: 2) is shared – many different kinds of people in the reserve, different people have different ways of feeling like they are part of a community 2) Shares similar ideas similar notions of what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. There will be some variations, we don’t have capital punishment, we think that it is wrong to kill someone for killing someone. We believe in universal health care. We don’t believe that people should wear side arms, we don’t think that people should have guns. In Canada we have very different notions of immigration. US-melting pot. Everybody comes to Canada and everyone assimilates. Regardless of your ancestry. Canada is of the mosaic, this is where every comes from around the world and they are expcted to subscribe to those basic things. But people are encouraged to maintain their religion, their morals. Thus you can see that culture is shared. There are variations within the culture. 3) Sub-culture – certain patterns of behavior that set them aside and they still function within the larger society as part of the culture. We are part of the sub culture. We have accepted patterns of behavior that is not acceptable. 4) Symbolic – golden arches and santa these are the first things that little kids recognize. Christian is seen by the cross, this is what they say that defines what the Christian faith is about. Catholic is about the having jesus on the
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