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Lecture 4

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McMaster University
Bryan Cummins

Anthropology 1A03 October 5 , 2011 How to reference the film in the Book Review: CBC Life & Times. Wade Davis. Q’s for essay: What is setting? Every place he goes to, mentions, or just one place. How to write out the setting throughout the paper? One paragraph on settings, or all throughout the essay, how many settings? There are many Citation? Outside citations (outside sources) Life and Times- Wade Davis > Explores human societies, lived among endangered cultures > 19 when he lived a middle class life > Cuzco, Peru- very knowledgeable about the food, culture, and way of life, explorer > Ethnobotany, studied how native people use plants, those plants become a get way to culture, his work is based on friendships > Anthropology then botany in Harvard, leading to PhD in ethno botany > best selling author, amazing lecturer , chairers, one of 8 explorers > Mapping, exploring diff aspects of our existence on this planet, different ways of viewing the world, different reality /perception > the world in which we live in doesn’t exist in some absolute sense > Language is a vehicle towards the soul/culture > of those 6,000 languages half are not being taught to school children > Shares foreign cultures, he assimilates himself into the various culture
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