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Bryan Cummins

Anthropology 1A03 October 12 , 2011  Definition of Family: Couple married or common law- with or without Dependent children, or a lone parent with dependent children  Marriage and family are found in all human societies  Marriage is an economic relationship= what many anthropologists argue  Before world became industrialized, one of the requisites for a wife 1. Bear children  Definition of marriage: Socially recognized relationship between a socially recognized male (husband) and a socially recognized female (wife) such that the offspring this couple are socially recognized as the offspring of both husband and wife. Husband can be genitor, or he or she may be the socially recognized father. This emphasizes the socially recognized. This is important because: -> 1. Socially recognized is problematic but it raises important point that in other cultures, we have things called “woman, woman, marriage”. This is common in Safsahara Africa, in Indigenous North American. Woman Woman Marriage emphasizes a couple of points: -> 1. Within WWM, there is the ‘socially recognized’ -> 2. Quite common  75% of world’s cultures, a plural form of marriage is the preferred. The preferred form of marriage in other parts of the world:  Polygyny -> most ideal form in other cultures world wide  Polyandry -> triangle=circle=triangle. Exists in Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet. Occurs for economic reasons, the polyandry take is something called fraternal polyandry -> Woman marries two brothers. Polyandry is very rare  Monogamy -> What we “Western Society” have. However, some say we have Serial Monogamy,  Rates of divorce: 40-50%, most divorces happen after 5 years of marriage  If marriage and family is universal, then what functions and roles do these plays in human societies? 1. Nurturance of children: Recognizes that we are born as a species prematurely, if women were all alone, and women are capable of having children frequently, then women would bear the burden of raising children, marriage in family is a means by which mean and women can bear the responsibility o
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