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Anthropology What is Anthropology??  The Systematic study of human kind  Very recent discipline  Turn of the century anthropology was the study of non western people and places  Religious systems  Economic systems  Political systems  Sex  Food How are our choices conformed by cultural differences?  Research is based off of things left behind and past  Survey based research does not have the same sense of accountability (i.e psychology)  Anthropology is historical  They are interested in looking at societies change over time,  Societies aren’t static  they are always changing  certain events effect different societies (i.e war fare, colonialism globalization  All anthros take historical perspective  Anthropology is comparative  What are the reasons for the differences  All Anthropologists are interested in context Your trying to understand why (i.e. cocaine use in a population)  Anthropology is holistic  A number of different techniques to understand the entire notion for a human condition The Four Subfields of Anthro 1. Psychical 2. Archeology 3. Cultural 4. linguistics Applied anthropology  incorporates al methods Cultural Anthro  who go out and study contemporary cultures and societies  Spirituality, politics, music ,art, pop culture.  Methodology (methods or techniques)   live with a group of people for about 12 months or longer  Participant observation  Interviewing  Ethnography a type of book that’s produced by a cultural anthropologist Archeology  Also anthro’s  interested in past societies and their cultures  Make their analysis based off of material remains  often
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