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Lecture 12

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Karen Mc Garry

Anthropology 1AA3 Lecture 12 – My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist • Western husband is a status symbols and a prize worth fighting for • Selling body in pursuit of a dream that is often fulfilled • Local girls can keep in contact with foreign men they meet in Bangkok bars with local letter writer who can speak English • Spend 6 months as bar girls in Bangkok, then return home • “For a foreigner, 15 Y age difference not old” • Blue collar builders • Men reached out to woman asked to marry her • Women concerned with whether there is progress on getting her to England • Women give men pleasure, men give women money – fair deal • Letter writer used to want nothing to do with it, but money is important • Without money, no love • Acknowledge it is prostitution • Son doesn’t have father – father needs to love son • Foreign husband would make people overlook teenage mistake • German, Belgian husbands give large, single dwelling houses with walls & windows as opposed to wooden stilt houses • Other women wish to copy them • Sing how they do not want to be single • Explicitly target foreigners, usually after rough circumstances  i.e. local divorce • If Bangkok out of reach, then post online • Not beautiful to Thai men, but beautiful to foreigners • Like online shopping • Struggling to support children without a partner – sex work would mean difference from worrying about daily expenses, despite decent house • Thai women have inspired image of perfect wife in Western men since Vietnam War, where soldiers met them • Pays letter writer to see her • Invite the men to come to their homes/villages in Thailand, call them • Leave children behind with parents when they go to work • Children do not know who their mothers are – associate grandparents/nearest pretty young women • Work as a team in bars to pull customers in • Men appear to want to resist women who are fawning all over them • For any drink a many buys the women, they earn a fee o A lot is considered five drinks/night o Salary is $100/month – includes 60 drinks and going with man 5x • Girls must meet quota
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