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Antonio Sorge

Witchcraft October 26 2012  Witchcraft differs from sorcery  Bad luck is inconceivable, there’s not real explanation for bad luck.  A human is usually behind bad luck  Sorcery – refers to incantation of spells and manipulation of objects to accomplish a goal o Power come from contact o Ex.  Witchcraft is the belief in an existence of a mystical can travel over a distance that can harm people o The over the distance is important because o Ex of witchcraft from different regions:  NAVAJO (US southwest)  Believes witches commits the most sins o Such as incest, catabolism, necrophilia  NYAKYUSA (Tanzania)  Witches are motivated by the lust of food. Eats human’s internal organs while they sleep.  Ibibio (Nigeria)  Remove the spirit of a human and place it in a animal. Then they kill the animal and then they eat. They say this a result of whith  Azande (s. sudan)  They believed that witches leave the body of witches and then travel over a distance and appears in front of humans as a reddish glow and eat the internal organs. They say this brings about misfortune  When something bad happens to people, they think it is a result of witchcraft  People think that even if there is a logical reason why something happens, if that misfortune happened to that person then they automatically think its due to witchcraft. “Wrong place at the wrong time”  Oracle: a technological device which provides answer to questions posed to it, if properly operated o Four types of oracle 1) Termite mound oracle a. Two sticks, pre-coded as “yes” or “no” placed in termite mound as a question is pronounced. Client returns next day. If a stick is eaten, then it means yes. It is rare that both sticks are eaten. Witchcraft 1 2) Rubbing-board oracle a. The rubbing board oracle (iwa): three-legged waxed lower board and a top board with handle. Water sprinkled on board and operator rubs the boards, which wither slide freely or stick 3) The poison oracle a. Most prestigious and powerful. Must be consulted by someone else. You have to go to visit a “witch doctor” so
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