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Karen Mc Garry

Anthro Lecture 1  Anthro was influenced by Darwin ( change physically over time)  Generation gap : slightly different attitude with different issues, society is constantly changing  Anthropologist like to have long term engagements within the society (spend a year or more with a particular field)  Discusses how anthro is historical – how did we come to be the way we are  What forces in the past have shaped us  Historical revolution of dieties  How has warfare shaped a particular group of people  How has globalization effected people  Effects of mass media  Anthro is comparative o Why is it that our society and belief systems might be different than those in the states o Were interested in what we have in common aswell as what we have as differences  Anthro is Contextual  Anthro is Holistic o means to be complete/whole/balanced o trying to get a complete picture of a society by using different techniques for studying a group of people  Subfeilds o Physical antrho o Cultural anthro  the study of contemporary cultures and societies  culture is defined as transmitted learned behaviour (Not what your born with) – political beliefs, views on gender, nurture, we learn from teacher, media, parents  methodolog
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