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Introduction to Identity, Race, and Power

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Karen Mc Garry

Anthropology 1AB3 Introduction to Anthropology - Identity, Race and Power Instructor - Dr, Karen McGarry January 9, 2014 Lead Slide Text Rewording Outline for Today ● Introduction to the Professor and course ● Go over course outline andAvenue to Learn ● Next Thursday - What is Anthropology? What Dr. Karen does/ ● BAand MAin ★ “Got tired of digging” teaches archeology at Trent Therefore went back ● PhD in cultural to do a PhD in cultural anthropology - anthropology Anthropology of ★ Mainly interested in sport; how sport anthropology of sport communicates i.e “athletes” and identities like race, identity class, gender, and/or ★ How do sports sexuality communicate ● As a result, teaches particular identities i.e Introductory through bodies, mass Anthropology, 1AA3 media and 1AB3 ● ● Fourth year Anthropology of Sport and Spectacle; Next year: zombies ● ● - Third year Theory inAnthropology Course Goals ● Understand how ★ Are we naturally a Anthropologists particular way from investigate issues our date of birth? relating to identity, ★ If we’re a girl, are we race, and power naturally attracted to ● Reflect on how race, dresses? gender, sexuality, and ★ OR is this a result of other identities impact culture? (This is how how we perceive anthropology ourselves and the challenges that which world around us seems natural) ● Think critically about ★ DANGEROUS if we issues and develop think about our being your writing skills as only natural? ★ we’ll only be ready to die for anything or anyone if we think that we were born a certain way, it can lead to chaos. ★ Particular focus on the issue of race: we’re taught to think of it as something that objectively exists, that you’re born into, that you cannot change ★ We want to talk about how race is a cultural construction, and the consequences of thinking about race as something you’re born into ★ We’ll be drawing upon examples from many different societies including but not limited to our own (cross cultural perspective) ★ Things (particularly race) will get really touchy in this course because we’ve been taught that things are natural when they’re not Required Tex
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