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Anthropology- week 9 rd Monday March 3 , 2014 Foodways -cuisine, eating styles and behaviours Marvin Harris -cultural systems of behaviours evolved as adaptations to certain material -what is a basic survival need Indias Sacred Cow -natural selection culturally that produced a taboo over time -there is more economic value to keep the cows than to kill them and sell them for meat The enigma of Aztec sacrifice: -why they practised human sacrifice or cannibalism is because they needed protein or fat, and many animals were not available for this bc they were not domesticated Well-grounded diet: -why people consume clay because it helps neutralize the toxins from potatoes, or create a barrier for other diseases. Food and culture- ideology, symbolism, and social power -symbols to define ethnic, class, cultural, and gender groups -symbols to define relationships between people -important part of religious beliefs - We associate foods with different outings Aspects of food and culture -Production- what is produced and who is producing it -Preparation- who is doing the processing and the cooking -Distribution- related to political and economic organization: gifts, exchange, markets, feasts and festivals. Food is differentially allocated between different members of society -Consumption- can include the type of meal consumed (snacks, feasts) and the manners associated w eating, what kind of utensils they use, what hand they eat w -Disposal- how people dispose of food, if people go dumpster diving, if animals eat it from dumpsters, is it composted, is it decomposed - Food is a weapon, don’t waste it Aspects of food and culture- sustainable food system -a sustainable food system is one that is secure and reliable in regards to change- can withstand change in weather and things like that, energy efficient, healthy and safe, use conservation strategies, build recycling and farmland through organic waste, and be celebrated by the community Food classification system -people classify their food in different ways, according to their culture -Edible-inedible -Hot-cold -Male-female -Wet-dry Hot-cold classification of food: common in latin America and asia. Originally goes back to the greek 4 humours -basic idea: greeks associated 4 humours w specific elements of the body -Blood-sanguine -Phlegm- phlegmatic -Black bile- melancholy -Yellow bile- hot and dry, choleric (anger) -if you had too much of any one of these fluids it could affect your health (phy
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