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Lecture 7

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Anthropology 2AN3 lecture 7February 24 2014FoodMovementsIdentityandSocialChangeThe global Food MovementSocial movementoRepresents a group of people trying to create a changeProblems in the food industryoBased on industrial farmingoSold on large scale bases oOften processed due to distance it must travel to consumeroLack of control by consumers over how food is producedMany different food movementsoPromotes community involvement in farmingoSmall scale farmingGoal of the food movementBroadly wants to change our relationship with foodoLarge amount of chemicals and machinery used in producing foodsoBring back the food into the hands of the peopleSpecifically can be moral ethical political economic social or health relatedoSome are oppositional some are constructive can be bothoUsing food to identify broader social problemsAddress larger social economic political problemsoLarge corporations controlling the food industryWhat does it want to changeDisconnected from our foodoMcDonaldization cooking skills food knowledgeoHomogenization of foodoLoss of cultural variety of food oKnowledge of food is changing as well as our ability to cook and produce our own foodsSocial changeoBrought people togetheroUsed to maintain relationships in the pastKnowing your foodFast food nationRise of Food MovementsFarming crisisChanges in food policyPower that agribusiness has over the economy politics and individual choiceHealth concerns and greater awarenessoFood and health linked obesity pesticidesEthical treatment of animalsReflecting on modernityAll lead to a need for change in the food systemCholesterol was the first nutrient seen as not very healthyTechnology does not solve world hungeroThe solution is not to produce more food
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