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Lecture 11

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Andrew Gilbert

Anthropology 2PA3 lecture 11October 17 2013PoliticalEconomyRaceandClassSocial structures is a word used in the social sciences to refer to patterned social arrangements in society that are both emergent from and determinant of the actions of the individualsQuestion of economy how humans use the material world to maintain and express themselves cannot be divorced from questions of powerStructural relationships of production and consumptionPolitical EconomyFor Marx production and consumption embraced at once the changing relations of human kind to nature the social relations into which humands enter in the course of transforming nature and the consequences of these transformationsBut a political economic approach is not only interested in the economic ecological social political and socialpsychological Race Racism and RacialismBiological Difference no basisoscholars across the world believe that race is based on a set of division between the human species that are biologically basedthohowever in the 20 century it is proven that humans are unambiguous biological beingsophysical variations in a given trait tend to occur gradually over geographic areasoknowing the range of one trait does not relate to the trait of anotheroidea of race has always carried more meaning than that of physical variationophysical variations in the humans species have no meaning except the social and cultural ideas that humans project onto them
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