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← Anthrop /ology = Human / the study of Logos: the study of “The field of inquiry that studies human culture and evenuoiltionary aspects of human biology”  Keys Historical Comparative What do we have in common? How do we differ? What are the reasons for these differences? Contextual Understanding modern humans in terms of culture and religion Holistic To look at everything in its most complex form Understanding human conditions both biological and cultural The Scientific study of the interrelationship between what humans have inherited genetically and culturally ≈ BOICULTUARAL APPROACH ← I. The 4 Fields in Anthropology 1.Cultural Anthropology 2.Archeology 3.Linguistic Anthropology 4.Physical Anthropology 3. Linguistic Anthropology The construction and use of language within human societies 4.Physical Anthropology • It studies aspects of biology (more of a scientific background) and behavior of the human species, past present, it applied to not just the past but also the existence of the human species as a whole. • Uses evolutionary and cultural perspectives, both are integrated instead of segregated. • Biocultural Perspective develops framework to understand a foundation for theoretical framework • Involves Diversity • We are holistic in that we have multiple research approaches since the complexity of a question, we must use different approaches to see things form multiple side to therefore see it the best way possible. I. Subfields in Anthropology (5) 1. Primatology • The study of non-human primates • Studies social behavior I. Communication II. Infant Care III. Reprodu
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