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Indo-Iranians were a second wave IE people of Asia. Indo-Iranians were nomads in Central Asia. Indo-Aryans (wave 2b) were centered in Afghanistan, N Pakistan, and NW India. Rig Veda is a very old and highly enigmatic collection of hymns. The Rig Veda is important because it allows us to bridge the historical gap between European and many Asian cultures. Creation 10.129 Void, waters, breathless breather 10.121 Unknown god, Golden Embryo/Egg, Heaven and Earth from its shell, the Sun from its yolk. 10.90 Purusha, Man, with 1,000 heads, eyes, feet Bound, sacrificed, and cut up by gods to make the world 10.190 Tapas Heat creates Rta, Rta creates night and ocean Ocean creates year Year arranges day and night All set in proper places 10.81-2 Vishva-kar-man All-Make-r Eyes, mouths, arms, feet on all sides Filled space Devas and Asuras first mentioned 10.72 Aidit > Daksha> Aditi > 7 sons, Martanda blob gods shape Martanda into Sun Death 10.14 Yama, son of Sun All return home Glorious realm in the sky, w pastures 2 headed guard dog The Elements of Sacrifice 10.125 Speech is all-powerful 10.173 King is crowned King is like a mountain As in heaven, so on earth The Horse 1.163 Horse sacrificed after winning race Yama gave it; Trita harnessed it; Indra mounted it; Gandharva grasped the reins [scape] goat went before 1.162 Horse is impaled on stake Cooked and eaten Agni 1,26 Intermediary btw earth and heaven 2 mothers (fire sticks) 5.2 Agni vanishes Mother (fire sticks) hides him Mother turns to ashes 2.35 Apam Napat, child of the waters Fire in the water, lightning in the rain Enters Agni 10.51 Agni hiding 7 brothers before him died He is afraid Gods coax him out 10.124 Agni lives with demons, Asuras Must leave his kind father Goes to strange tribe Indra recruits Agni, Soma, and Varuna Agni given immortality 4.5 Mystery of Agni Props up sky Agni is the sun Moves to head of earth cow 6.9 Novice worshipper Prayer is like a thread to heaven 10.5 Strange imagery Two world halves 7 red sisters 7 boundaries Nest of the Highest Soma, 4.26 Intoxicant Shattering 99 fortresses of Shambara (demon) Brought from highest heaven by eagle 4.27 Eagle escapes fortress Demon shoots at it Eagle brings Indra from highest heaven Eagle looses a feather in flight Indra 4.18 Born through mother’s side Mother spurns him Follows her to Tvastr’s house Drinks Soma Stands up Fills two world halves Swallowed by singing waters Waters spare him Indra fights Vrtra Vrtra wounds Indra, but still Indra kills it. Indra releases waters Gods desert Indra Only Vishnu helps him by creating space Indra killed his own father Eats dog His wife is dishonoured Eagle brought mead to Indra 10.28 Indra chastises his son Powerful shall rule the weak 8.91 Compassionate Indra with spurned Apala 1.32 Indra kills Vrtra, his cousin Indra both a hero and a murder Vrtra was a strangling serpent Indra uses vajra, thunderbolt Indra killed Vrtra’s mother, Danu Vrtra also used lightning, fog, etc. Indra fearful and flees after killing Vrtra 3.31 Indra goes after cows taken by Panis. His dog Sarama runs ahead Indra feigned friendship with the darkness. 10.108 Panis conciliatory Srama tells
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