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Antonio Sorge

Karl Marx March 6, 2013 Introduction - elaborated concepts of social consciousness and ideology - „people only exist in society‟; individuals are not autonomous units, they are part of society - the society of which people are a part, determines their person - in order to study society we should study society, not the individual - society itself is a pattern of social relations; not a collection of individuals - it is this pattern of relations that conditions the individual - individual is a by-product of society - values, morality, world view, good/bad, ambitions, conditions by social relations of society - individuals are blank slates, pattern of society determines the character - society: mode of production - to understand the individual , understand patterns of society, but more specifically the mode of production - mode of production: social relations surrounding the organization of labour and the ownership and control of property - who owns what, and who works for whom - society has culture; mode of production determines culture - “as we produce, so we relate” Consciousness - ideas and beliefs are determined by society, not the other way around - nature (to which society must adapt)  society  consciousness - see quotes in lecture slides - peoples religious beliefs don‟t have a history, they sprout from social relations - if you believe in God, you‟ve been tricked - morality, religion, metaphysics are not autonomous; they have no development - as society changes, so will people‟s ideas about the world - “life is not determined by consciousness, but consciousness by life” - once you understand the social relations, you can understand culture - false consciousness; the masses accept their status as alienators of their own labou
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