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Antonio Sorge

Anthro 2R03 February 25, 2013 Culture: Symbolic - how people ‘do’ culture - the ideas are not as important as the actions - what is sacrifice? - the act of killing something/someone to honour a higher power (ancestors, god, etc:) - understand the nature of sacrifice - builds theory around sacrifice - phenomenon grounded in arbitrary social conventions that exist to keep people in their place - reasoning is more of a question of after-the-fact rationalization - culture is governed by non-rational forces - programmed tendencies promote survival of organism - humans are selfish, governed by their drives (food, sex, power) - culture keeps people good, from being too selfish - see lecture slides - “redirecting individuals energies toward survival at the social (collective) level” – variable - culture is not seamless, human nature can occasionally be glimpsed - ie marriage; channels sexual drives into socially acceptable behaviour – but some people still cheat (fissure) William Robertson Smith Lectures on the religion of the Semites - study of the ritual sacrifice and its meaning - lays out the theory of ritual - borrowed aspects from Tylor - development of religion according to 3 stages - Animism - Tribal Religion - Universal Cult - see lecture slides - Animism: Stage 1 - origin of religious thought comes about when people come about body/soul distinction - people dream of death, spirit world
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