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Ann Herring

← TB – “white plague” from postic where youth growth pale… ← Key Issues ← TB is a measure of a quality of life in the living condition ← TB is a two stage phemonom – found to be very confusing – inflected with TB and acutally having the disease. Just because your infected dosent mean you have the disease ← it’s a very old disease ← indicator in the discourse of disease reflect social attiudes ← ← Leading casue of death world wide • 8.7 million new cause of TB in 2011 • nnd just the cases that already exisited • 2 only to HIV/AIDS as a single cause of death • close realtion to one another • 1.4 million people died of TB • 20-40 yrs olds are hardest hit • impact is greater then indivaul but takes out the parents and the young. Devastation that gose beyond the local economy • RE-EMERGING infectious diease in SOME PLACE and NEVER GONE AWAY in others • synergy with HIV will make a case of TB BLOW UP – propel and make eachother worse – conpasitate eachother Key Features of TB • povery and Koch’s bacillus have always been close allies – where you see poverty you will see TB flourishing • estimated insidences of TB in 2010 – dark green (high TB), greatest toll- in middle income countries (95% TB deaths) • a barometer of social and economic welfare – places that are struggling • focalizing poor and dev countires • they have been concourqured (so say gold age of med) its not a problem of the past. Instead it was in the native/homeless/imporverished areas. And never went away from dev countries but disspaeared for thoses who didn’t have it • RE-EMERGERED with a outbreak in NYC 1997 and so on • Concern b/c people thought it was gone • it was flourishing in the jail/poor parts in the city • spreads quickly EVERYONE WILL GET IT regaurdless of how well to do your are • mirriors Tuskegee – often the concern of spreading form them to us • Also in Russia and other parts • Durg restain strains of TB – the drugs were no longer working.. o prevanlate and not treatable anymore.. • Time Bomb – tb wasbeing discussed a a terrible [rpblem • why so afraid of? o Mycobacterium tuberculosis o Very small and grows slowly o well adapted to human lung o rod-shaped o grow in paraelee strands o waxy covering – dosent cause the immune system to react because of this film o dosen produce a lot of toxic dosent alert the immue system o get buried in the lungs and gose deep o air bourne ← ← Evavdes the immue system ← Survives and persists within the body – highly persistant ← retains potentsl for reactivation if the body immune system weakends – even if the body has controlled the infection – can move to another state and ← INFECTION can proceed to DISEASE at any point.. • did they get it in childhood (reinfection) ← TB is apart of the TB complex there are many species of micro bacturim that produce disease in humans ← BOVIS – cows and humans – instead of inhales gose though GI track b/c of milk ← Transmission • aerosolized by sneezing coughing, singing ect. • transmissed by droplet buclei • can give and get form animals • ← Disease from lungs ← spread via lymphatic and blood systems to other sites ← Glandular ← Erytema nodosum ← ← term TB not dev until the 1800’s ← tubrucial that is the feature of disease – term came form • Small hard lumps • fromed by immune sstem around bacteria ← Infection vs. Disease ← ← Most will not get infected but if you do get infected. ← if you do get infected it may remain dormaint ← 10% will deveopel a reactivation untreated 50% die within 2 years ← treated (of treatable) possible to be cured ← If you do get tested for TB - testing positive dosent mean you have it. Until you are coughing up the _________ ← people are vaccinated against will always test positive ← ← Early sympotoms • mild – common cold/flu • apptite loss • constantly tir
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